An Expert System is a Database Driven Application (DDA). An application which involves maintaining and using data store. Is is basicalling an automation which helps your business run faster and saves you money.

Expert system could be either information served between two or many computers connected in network, where one of the computer is a server serving information and others send requests to that computer Or Information served from Internet to your customers computers. We assist with any idea you may have. Folowing are examples of our projects.

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Roster System
Roster System
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NZ Bus Online Roster System is a system which displays employee roster on calendar grid. On further click of duty numbers, employee can view full duty card which shows information such as sign on times, routes for the duty, meal break times, intermediate times, and sign off times.

Millons of employee roster can be processed with quick uploads and downloads.

This system incorporates user friendly interface. It is secured system in which only current employees of NZbus Company can view their roster.

The online Roster can be managed by the supervisors who need to change or swap duties as required.

Further more employees can view their duty chart by entering duty number and clicking on view duty.

This system helped company in following ways :-

  • Save cost of printing roster on paper and displaying it on Roster Board
  • Save Duty Manager's time in sorting out roster , about two hours every week.
  • Benefits employees who can check their roster sitting at home online via internet.
  • Duty supervisors can now change or swap duties online to reflect on roster.
  • On School holidays duties for drivers differ to what normal duties are, this system incorporates all those changes automatically.


Roster System
Roster System

biscoPRO is a building integration software company. They are developing a software which calculates cost estimation of any construction project. For example, cost of one tile multiplied by area to cover gives you cost of tiling. They are generating a common platform file which is an XML file containing all the information pertaining to 3-D model. This module is created within google sketchup.

This system used Ruby programming language and Google SketchUp API(application programming interface) . Using Ruby on rails programming language this system would read 3-D co-ordinate values from objects or structures or building plan and save co-ordinate values to an XML file. It would also fetch texture of material, blocks, curves at the same time.

This file is then used a common platform which is then read by other 3-D rendering softwares (Revit, Sketchup, Autocad, 3-D max) to generate exact same model.

My module helped biscoPro as to generate XML files for their System.

This XML file contains all the information about the 3-D model on Google Sketchup workspace. Information such as 3-D model Co-ordinates , Curves, Texture, Colour etc.

This system helped company in following ways :-

  • My XML file established connection between all the 3D rendering softwares
  • Cost estimation was possible because of using biscoPro software to fetch values from XML file
  • Ease of use as the plugin button is embedded within Google Sketchup Software

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Project pricing depends upon complexity of project and number of hours spent working. Since projects can vary from simple to complex, hence requires more skills for completion.

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