Expert Systems Ltd - Terms and conditions of trade

Our (Expert Systems Ltd) motto is supreme satisfying service to our clients. For transparency in trade, the following terms and conditions the company and the client will abide by:-

Our Responsibilities

  • To provide website design, development and hosting as per the agreed package in a time bound manner.
  • To attend to client queries in a timely and professioinal manner.
  • To provide quote for additional work beyond the agreed project.
  • To provide the best possible assistance after the website is made functional.

Client Responsibilities

  • To provide logos, branding, images and other required information promptly enabling us to complete the project in time.
  • To provide required formats and also feedback/ approval on the draft design.
  • To ensure that you or your authorized agent makes us aware of all the requirements before we undertake the project.
  • To note that once the project is finalized, additional requirements will be charged extra for which we shall provide quote.

Website design

  • Your website concept can be revised up to 3 times; any further revision will be done at an additional cost of $100 per hour.
  • Once design concept is approved, further modifications will be done at $100 per hour.
  • When the website is built, you will be able to log in and add content to it through CMS(Control Management System) In case you use our services to add content, it may be done at $100 per hour.
  • Your website will function properly on the latest versions or browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The appearance may slightly differ from browser to browser. In case you wish to optimize how your website displays on smart phones or other devices like I-pads, we can do it at $100 per hour
  • It will be the responsibility of the client to ensure that text, images or other material provided to us is not infringement of copyright. All the litigation costs/penalties in this regard will be borne by the client.
  • All photographic contents or photographs will be provided by the client at his cost.
  • We shall prefer communication with the client through remote devices like teleconference, screen sharing, e-mail etc. instead of face-to-face talk.

Web Hosting

  • We shall execute web hosting to ensure that the server is compatible to your CMS (Control Management System). In case you need guidance or assistance for updating your website, we shall provide it free of cost up to 30 minutes and at $100 per hour thereafter.
  • Once the website is hosted, agreed charges will have to be paid every month due on 1st of 15th of the month or annually in advance by direct debit through bank transfer.
  • A copy of frontend or your website can be provided on request in the event we are unable to continue hosting of your website. Since th3e CMS lives on company’s server, we shall not be able to provide a copy of CMS or give FTP or template access to the website.
  • Request for cancellation of website hosting or domain name registration services will have to be made in writing and payment will continued to be made up to the date such request is received.
  • Support to your website hosting and e-mail will be available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Payment Terms

  • All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.
  • Before we commence the project, 40% of the agreed cost will have to be deposited which is non-refundable as it covers the purchase of template, initial consultation and design work.
  • The remaining 60% of the project cost will be invoiced when the website/design is completed. The launch or go ‘online’ phase will be done subsequently when the content is loaded.
  • Cost of additional functions will be invoiced on completion or along with the balance unpaid amount of the project.
  • All invoiced are due 7 days from the date of invoice except otherwise stated.
  • In extreme cases of continued non-payment, we reserve the right to engage our collections agency to obtain outstanding funds, and suspend the web and email hosting. In such cases, the client will pay any associated collection costs.